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Wunderage Review – THE AGE

“This is circus as moveable feast.”

“A celebration of the high wire you won’t want to miss.”

“Teeters with consummate balance on a vertiginous precipice of danger and wonder.”

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Wunderage rehearsals

Week 1 of Wunderage rehearsals has been a dream. It has been a long long term dream to have a tightwire company with artists Kane Peterson and Jessica McCrindle. We have made some great wire pieces over the past 10 years together but have also been consumed in other projects and living far from each other so the dream always seemed to be on hold. The past 2 years have been big for both them and I in our personal lives so Wunderage brewing in the background has always kept a little dream glowing. So much has gone into getting us through this first week, from design, rigging, training, skill but most of all putting the right team of people together. A team that can make, create, focus and most of all support and respect each other. As a director this week it felt I there was little work to do as so much had been done to get us to here. So looking forward to what comes up for us all next week. Thank you Circus Oz, Thank you Company2 artists, thank you to Teisha and Aquilla for your love for the kids and thank you to my dear friends and long term wire buddies Kane and Jess.

A new partnership

Today we launch Wunderage. A new work and exciting creative partnership with Circus Oz, co-directed by Circus Oz director Rob Tannon and our Company 2 Director and artists Chelsea McGuffin . Keep an eye out for Chelsea McGuffin’s director notes and some insight into the process and development.

Is Australia the Next Circus Superpower?

via CircusTalk

“The mayor of Montréal opened the 2018 Montréal Completement Cirque Festival with a speech that lauded the city as “la capitale mondiale du cirque” –the world capital of circus.

“The world capital. A rousing sentiment for sure, but it gave me pause. Perhaps it’s true right now, but will Montréal hold this title forever? Or is another rising superpower waiting in the wings to usurp the empire? Just biding its time, gathering its forces until the time is right to flex some muscle and take its rightful place as the jewel in the crown of the international circus scene?

“I’m talking, of course, about Australia. …”

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5, 5 stars in Adelaide

Back at the Fringe in Adelaide with the latest version of Scotch and Soda, some great new cast members and new music. Quitely confident but also apprehensive about how it would be received second time around. And then, 5 x 5 star reviews in a row, could you believe it. Quite outstanding.

Scotch & Soda: White Knuckle Acrobatics Performed to Brilliant Musicianship – Adelaide Fringe Review

Bike Pole

Thinking of some ways to combine bike and pole. Skip’s brother suggested that we try riding the bike with a pole on the shoulder.

Back in 1937 they didn’t mess around. “Pole on a bike, no, let’s put a bike on a pole”

It’s an excerpt from some great archival footage of early circus. You can see the full clip here;

Our week on site for “Perched”

We had a great time up at Woodfordia in late October for our first week of development for Perched. We head back up there in early December to continue development.

We just finished in Dublin

We had a great time at the Dublin Fringe, the audiences here were great. Hope we can come back again soon!

That’s another standing Ovation from the lovely people of Dublin. Cheers!

Performing at Madonna’s private Birthday party!!

That’s right folks, in case you missed it, there was a special performance at Madonna’s Birthday by the one and only Chelsea McGuffin. Not only this but afterwards Chelsea was posted on Madonna’s instagram and twitter feeds with the tag #bitchyourinmygang  !! I think that means she is cool 😉

#Repost @madonna . That’s right people a repost from Madonna! Featuring @chelseamcguffin from Company 2 ・・・ What today is looking like……………#bitchareyouinmygang. ❤️#rebelhearttour

Sziget Festival Budapest

What a blast, what a crazy festival, over 400,000 people go to this island on the Danube over 5 days. Was great to be back here after 8 years, hope to be back next year!!

The island of freedom

Show time in the #MagicMirror

rehearsals today

Today was our first full rehearsal with new member Tim Stocker. He will be replacing Matthew Ottignon for our season in Dublin. He’s 7ft tall and from Albury, would you believe it! We found him here in London and now he’s coming to join the team. Great work today Tim.

Turn back Tuesday

Turnback Tuesday, I don’t think that’s even a thing. But I needed a title to this post, thinking about our development time coming to London. Getting a chance to work with Serhiy Abeshiv was an absolute honour, even if it were only for a few days. I hope we can do it again soon!

50 shows in London!

Tonight we did our 50th show at the London Wonderground on Southbank! Congrats to all the team, a milestone indeed. There were a few extra’s in the audience tonight because one of the other shows onsite got cancelled, and so they popped in to see us! So it was great to have a packed house.

Here we are, back stage, preshow, in the tech corner. This is the colorful corner the tent crew have created for themselves. They have all been great, big thanks to Rein, Terri, Tom, Fyvie and all the crew.