Come and view life through Ethan’s eyes with ‘Kaleidoscope’ a joyous, poetic circus experience that explores the great beauty found in the smallest things. Ethan Hugh was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at four years of age. Because of this syndrome Ethan perceives the world differently and unwittingly, invited his mother to view his world with him.  Joanna described stepping into Ethan’s world as ‘the joy of walking through shafts of colour and light; a dazzling kaleidoscope’. She wrote a book about her experiences with Ethan that inspired the creation of Kaleidoscope the show, a work that allows Ethan to express himself, through a physical form he loves, circus

Kaleidoscope is produced by Company 2 and is a sensory sensitive performance the whole family can enjoy. An awe-inspiring circus show that will bring to life the colour, chaos and incredible beauty of Ethan’s every day. Under the direction of Chelsea McGuffin, Kaleidoscope, is the collaboration of a unique boy, an inspiring story and the lyrical world of circus arts.   A celebration of young people’s stories and the acceptance of difference.

‘This show is pure love. It’s play and love and laughter’.

‘Company 2 have discovered a perfect match of energies, minds and hearts… a heartfelt exploration of seemingly random tiny moments, which exist for all of us, but are noticed by few’.

-Xanthe Coward, XS Entertainment

‘Kaleidoscope is an important show for all ages to see’

‘Ethan doesn’t just tell the audience how he feels, he shows them. He challenges you to see the world through his eyes and the beauty that can be found in it’.

‘Kaleidoscope gives an important young boy the chance to have a voice and help to influence the way society views Asperger Syndrome’

‘there is no denying that Ethan’s story is a powerful one’. 

– Katherine Sullivan, The Creative Issue

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