A late night neo-vaudeville speakeasy. A place where hard-hitting travelling entertainers clash with the glamour of high society. Daring acrobatics, aerial feats, twisted stories and sawdust. Supported by the live sounds of none other than musical masters Father Grant and the blunt objects, frock up for a night at Le Coup – a fleeting moment where there’s nothing to loose and everything to gamble.

Hear what the audience had to say:


“What a wild ride”

“I wasn’t in the mood for a show, then I found myself screaming and cheering and so happy the red turtle won.”

“Fantastic music, I could have just watched the band.”

“Each year my husband and I go to Vegas for shows.  I can’t believe we have just seen this show in Rockhampton.  We don’t need to go to Vegas this year, Le Coup was so good.”