Open up a clock, you will find cogs. Open up the world (the way we work, the things we do, the tides rise and fall) and you will find them. A bird like circus troupe who perch on wires, fall from heights, ruffle feathers , and walk on hands – who challenge gravity so we don’t have to.

Theirs are the tricks that keep our time, all within the wondrous, cavernous belly on the Roundhouse. But when a bird takes flight, a trick is missed, a cog goes missing, then things they start to crumble. Our clocks begin to stop.

A show of disbelief, of gasps and subtle grandeur. She Would Walk The Sky is an epic poem told in grand circus, raw sound and sparse word.

Commissioned by the Brisbane Powerhouse for the World Theatre Festival 2014, directed by Chelsea McGuffin and written by Finegan Kruckemeyer.

“visually engaging, graceful and frenetic theatre that blends the best of cirucs, music and prose.” – Australian Stage

“this has huge heart”  ★★★★ – the Stage UK