Wunderage rehearsals

Week 1 of Wunderage rehearsals has been a dream. It has been a long long term dream to have a tightwire company with artists Kane Peterson and Jessica McCrindle. We have made some great wire pieces over the past 10 years together but have also been consumed in other projects and living far from each other so the dream always seemed to be on hold. The past 2 years have been big for both them and I in our personal lives so Wunderage brewing in the background has always kept a little dream glowing. So much has gone into getting us through this first week, from design, rigging, training, skill but most of all putting the right team of people together. A team that can make, create, focus and most of all support and respect each other. As a director this week it felt I there was little work to do as so much had been done to get us to here. So looking forward to what comes up for us all next week. Thank you Circus Oz, Thank you Company2 artists, thank you to Teisha and Aquilla for your love for the kids and thank you to my dear friends and long term wire buddies Kane and Jess.